Friday, April 30, 2010


The Wolf's Mouth

67 minutes

The love story of a petty criminal and the transsexual he met in jail is juxtaposed to images of Genova in the 19th century and nowadays. Beautifully shot and edited documentary that is more of a poetic essay than a standard genre entry; mesmerizing to look at, but rather bewildering.

A BIM Distribuzione release. Fondazione San Marcellino presents an Indigo Film/L'Avventurosa Film production, in collaboration with RAI Cinema, Babe Films; produced with the contribution of Provincia di Genova.
With Vincenzo Motta, Mary Monaco; narrator, Franco Leo.
Directed and photographed (colour) by Pietro Marcello; produced by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Dario Zonta; music by Marco Messina, Massimiliano Sacchi, Nino Bruno; film editor and archival researcher, Sara Fgaier; sound, Emmanuele Vernillo.
Screened: IndieLisboa festival advance DVD screener, Lisbon, April 18th 2010.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


67 minutes

A documentary about the Portuguese capital Lisbon under the fascist regime of Oliveira Salazar during WWII, juxtaposing period footage with travel accounts from Alfred Döblin, Erika Mann and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who visited during that period. An extraordinary work of archival research is cleverly woven into a devastatingly acute sociological portrait of a country.

A Periferia Filmes presentation/production; financed by Ministério da Cultura/Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual; supported by RTP, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Câmara Municipal de Cascais, Universidade Lusófona.
With the voices of Hanna Schygulla, Rüdiger Vogler, Christian Patey.
Directed and written by João Canijo; produced by João Trabulo; researcher, Hugo dos Santos; film editor, João Braz.
Screened: distributor advance press screening, Cinema City Campo Pequeno 4 (Lisbon), April 16th 2010.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


96 minutes

A discreet thief and a frustrated teacher fall for each other and she follows him when he has to run away from the police. Sumptuously handled and photographed, this stylized combination of road-movie and romantic drama evoking Badlands or Breathless looks like two films awkwardly combined into one, but there's a real filmmaking talent shining underneath. The last performance by actor Guillaume Depardieu, who died in October 2008, after the shooting was completed.

An Eastwest Film Distribution (int'l)/Shellac (in France) release. A Les Films Hatari presentation/production, in co-production with Le Studio Orlando, with the participation of Centre National de la Cinématographie, with the support of Région Île-de-France and Région Alsace, with the participation of Canal Plus and Cinécinéma.
Starring Guillaume Depardieu, Florence Loiret-Caille; with the participation of Jacques Nolot; and Fejria Deliba.
Directed by Sarah Leonor; produced by Laetitia Fèvre and Michel Klein; written by Ms. Leonor and Emmanuelle Jacob; director of photography (Eclair), Laurent Desmet; production designer, Brigitte Brassart; costume designer, Marie Cesari; film editor, François Quiqueré.
Screened: IndieLisboa film festival advance DVD screener, Lisbon, April 17th 2010.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


100 minutes

Two sisters living in Austin find themselves unsure about the future. Amiable but meandering low-budget comedy-drama that is alternately absorbing in its attention to emotional details and infuriating in its lack of aesthetic values or a linear narrative.

A Sisters Project production.
Starring Tilly Hatcher, Maggie Hatcher, Alex Karpovsky.
Directed, written and edited by Andrew Bujalski; produced by Dia Sokol, Ethan Vogt; director of photography (Alpha Cine), Matthias Grunsky.
Screened: Indie Lisboa festival advance DVD screener, April 16th 2010.

Monday, April 26, 2010


86 minutes

A documentary on American outsider filmmakers George and Mike Kuchar, active since the 1960s and still thriving in the underground arena. Sympathetic documentary that also works as a good primer on its subjects' acquired-taste filmmaking, but becomes redundant two thirds in.

A Tigerlily Pictures presentation/production.
Directed and written by Jennifer M. Kroot; produced by Holly Million, Tina S. Kroot, Ms. Kroot; director of photography, Chris Million; film editor, Tom P. Bullock.
Screened: IndieLisboa advance DVD screener, Lisbon, April 15th 2010.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


96 minutes

In 1964, Wages of Fear director Henri-Georges Clouzot starts to shoot on location an ambitious drama of jealousy and passion starring Romy Schneider and Serge Reggiani, L'Enfer, but the turbulent shoot is interrupted and the film is never finished. Fascinating documentary about a famous lost film of French cinema, retracing its troubled conception and production; its main interest lies in the formally outstanding and creatively challenging 1964 rushes, here presented for the first time, and in the contextualisation of the production itself, though that pretty much restrains its audience to film students and cinephiles.

Serge Bromberg presents a Lobster Films production in co-production with France 2 Cinéma; with the participation of Canal Plus, Cinécinéma, Canal Plus Horizons; with the participation of France 2; with the support of La Région Île-de-France, La Région Auvergne; developed with the support of the Media Programme of the European Community; with the support of La Fondation Groupama Gan pour le Cinéma; with the participation of Centre National de la Cinématographie.
With Romy Schneider, Serge Reggiani, Bérénice Bejo, Jacques Gamblin.
Directed by Serge Bromberg and Ruxandra Medrea Annonier, from an original idea by Mr. Bromberg and the rushes of L'Enfer, directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot; produced by Mr. Bromberg; screenplay by Mr. Bromberg, from the rushes of L'Enfer, written by Mr. Clouzot, José-André Lacour and Jean Ferry; music by Bruno Alexiu; directors of photography (1964 footage), Andreas Winding, Armand Thirard, Claude Renoir; director of photography (2009 location shoot and interviews), Irina Lubtchansky; director of photography (2009 studio fictional recreation), Jérôme Krumenacker; production designer (2009 interviews), Nicolas Faure; art director (2009 studio fictional recreation), Valérie Massadian; film editor, Janice Jones; light effects artists (1964 footage), Joël Stein, Yvaral; special effects supervisor (1964 footage), Éric Duvivier.
Screened: IndieLisboa festival advance DVD screener, Lisbon, April 15th 2010.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


98 minutes

The slacker owner of a disreputable Hamburg diner sees his life become a lot more complicated when his girlfriend leaves for Shanghai, his ex-con brother gets out of jail and a real estate tycoon covets his location. Lively, unpretentious comedy carried by its upbeat energy and joyous ensemble performances.

A The Match Factory (int'l)/Pandora Film Verleih (Germany) release. A Corazón International/Pyramide Productions production, in co-production with NDR; in association with Dorje Film; with the support of Filmförderung Hamburg-Schleswig-Holstein, Deutsche Filmförderfonds, Filmförderunganstalt, Nordmedia, Centre National de la Cinématographie.
Starring Adam Bousdoukos, Moritz Bleibtreu, Pheline Roggan, Anna Bedarke, Birol Ünel, Dorka Gryllus, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Lucas Gregorowicz, Demir Gökgöl; Ügür Yücel; Udo Kier; Monica Bleibtreu.
Directed by Fatih Akin; produced by Klaus Maeck, Fatih Akin, Ann-Kristin Homann; written by Fatih Akin, Adam Bousdoukos; director of photography (color), Rainer Klausmann; production designer, Tamo Kunz; costume designer, Kristin Aschendorf; film editor, Andrew Bird.
Screened: distributor advance press screening, Medeia King 1 (Lisbon), April 15th 2010.

Friday, April 23, 2010


United Kingdom/USA
118 minutes

An average New York teenager decides to become a super-hero for real; he finds out it's not as easy or as fun as it seems, and that it's much more dangerous, when he accidentally runs into a vengeful mobster and a former cop looking for revenge. Lively, inventive satire of super-hero comic-books that disappointingly turns out to become exactly what it satirizes but offers some smart, cleverly written entertainment on its way there.

Marv presents a Marv Films/Plan B production. 
Starring Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong, Chloë Grace Moretz; and Nicolas Cage.
Directed by Matthew Vaughn; produced by Matthew Vaughn, Brad Pitt, Kris Thykier, Adam Bohling, Tarquin Peck, David Reid; screenplay by Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn, based on the comic-book Kick-Ass by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.; music by John Murphy, Henry Jackman, Marius de Vries, Ilan Eshkeri; director of photography (Technicolor, Panavision), Ben Davis; production designer, Russell de Rozario; costume designer, Sammy Sheldon; film editors, Jon Harris, Pietro Scalia, Eddie Hamilton; visual effects supervisor, Mattias Lindahl.
Screened: distributor advance press screening, UCI El Corte Inglés 12 (Lisbon), April 14th 2010.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


96 minutes

The true story of a compulsive conman who gets himself deeper and deeper into trouble for the sake of the boyfriend he loves above all else. Frantic but ultimately hollow comedy-drama whose superb star turn is in need of stronger handling to rise above the many traps its script lays out.

Europacorp presents a Mad Chance production.
Starring Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor; Rodrigo Santoro, Antoni Corone; and Leslie Mann.
Directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra; produced by Andrew Lazar, Far Shariat; screenplay by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, based on the book by Steve McVicker, I Love You Philip Morris; music by Nick Urata; director of photography (colour), Xavier Pérez Grobet; production designer, Hugo Luczyc-Wyhowski; costume designer, David C. Robinson; film editor, Thomas J. Nordberg.
Screened: distributor advance press screening, Zon auditorium (Lisbon), April 13th 2010.

Friday, April 16, 2010


109 minutes

A Palestinian remembers his parents and his growing up in Nazareth under Israeli rule as he returns home to visit his widowed mother. Thoughtful memoir disguised as wry, observational satire in the manner of classic silent comedies.

A Wild Bunch (int'l)/ Le Pacte in association with Districup/Backup Films (France) release.
Michael Gentile and Elia Suleiman present, in association with Corniche Pictures and Wild Bunch, a The Film/Nazira Films/Artémis Productions/BIM Distribuzione/France 3 Cinéma/RTBF co-production; with the participation of MBC Group, France 3, Canal Plus, TPS Star; with the support of Eurimages, Tax Shelter ING Invest, Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Communauté Française de Belgique et des Télédistributeurs Wallons, Media Programme of the European Community, Centre National de la Cinématographie; in co-production with Belgacom.
With Elia Suleiman, Saleh Bakri, Samar Qudha Tanus, Shafika Bajjali, Zuhair Abu Hanna, Ayman Espanioli.
Directed and written by Elia Suleiman; produced by Michael Gentile and Elia Suleiman; director of photography (LTC, Duboicolor), Marc-André Batigne; production designer, Sharif Waked; costume designer, Judy Shrewsbury; film editor, Véronique Lange. 
Screened: DVD, April 6th 2010. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010


106 minutes

In classical Greece, Perseus, the demi-god son of Zeus and a human woman, takes up man's side against the gods in order to save the city of Argos from destruction at the hands of the vengeful Hades. Effective but forgettable remake of the eponymous 1981 fantasy remembered mainly for Ray Harryhausen's signature trick effects, replaced here by state-of-the-art but rather soulless digital trickery.

Warner Bros. Pictures presents, in association with Legendary Pictures, a Thunder Road Film/Zanuck Company production.
Starring Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, Mads Mikkelsen, Alexa Davalos, Jason Flemyng; with Ralph Fiennes; and Liam Neeson.
Directed by Louis Leterrier; produced by Basil Iwanyk, Kevin de la Noy; screenplay by Travis Beacham, Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, based on the film Clash of the Titans directed by Desmond Davis and written by Beverley Cross; music by Ramin Djawadi; director of photography (Technicolor, Panavision), Peter Menzies Jr.; production designer, Martin Laing; costume designer, Lindy Hemming; film editors, Martin Walsh, Vincent Tabaillon; visual effects supervisor, Nick Davis.
Screened: distributor advance press screening, Zon Lusomundo Colombo 6 (Lisbon), April 6th 2010.

Monday, April 12, 2010


89 minutes

A provincial single mother falls for the new worker in the factory she works in; they move together and have a baby who cries all the time and turns out to be growing some sort of appendages on his back... Baffling, disturbing combination of family drama, dark fairy-tale and social satire that has more in common with its director's earlier work; intriguing rather than achieved, but certainly worth a look.

A Le Pacte release. Eurowide Film Production and FOZ present a co-production with Teodora Film; in co-production with BUF and France 2 Cinéma; in association with Coficup 3, Backup Films, Uni Étoile 5; with the participation of Cinecinéma, Canal Plus, Le Pacte; in association with Filmazure and Albina Boeckli; with the support of ANGOA-AGICOA.
Starring Alexandra Lamy, Sergi Lopez, Mélusine Mayance, Arthur Peyret.
Directed by François Ozon; produced by Claudie Ossard, Chris Bolzli; screenplay by François Ozon, with the collaboration of Emmanuèle Bernheim, inspired by the short story "Moth" by Rose Tremain; music by Philippe Rombi; director of photography (LTC, Duboicolor), Jeanne Lapoirie; production designer, Katia Wyszkop; costume designer, Pascaline Chavanne; film editor, Muriel Breton; digital visual effects director, Pierre Buffin.
Screened: Berlin Film Festival advance press screening, Cinemaxx 9 (Berlin), February 4th 2009; DVD screener, Lisbon, April 11th 2010.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


96 minutes

A new student in a Paris high school attracts the romantic attention of schoolmates and teachers alike. Affecting, sensitive twist on teenage high-school romances via an updated adaptation of a classic novel in French literature; originally shot for television.

ARTE France presents an ARTE France/Scarlett Production co-production; in association with Coficup, a Backup Films fund; with the participation of Le Pacte; with the participation of Centre National de la Cinématographie.
Starring Léa Seydoux, Louis Garrel; Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, Esteban Carvajal-Alegria; and Clotilde Hesme; with the friendly participation of Chiara Mastroianni.
Directed by Christophe Honoré; produced by Florence Dormoy and Joey Faré; screenplay by Christophe Honoré and Gilles Taurand, inspired by the novel La Princesse de Clèves by Madame de Lafayette; original song "Comme la pluie" by Alex Beaupain; director of photography (colour), Laurent Brunet; production designer, Samuel Deshors; costume designer, Pierre Canitrot; film editor, Chantal Hymans.
Screened: IndieLisboa festival, Cinema City Classic Alvalade 3 (Lisbon), April 29th 2009; DVD screener, Lisbon, April 10th 2010.